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Bocata Bar a Vin


At Bocata Bar a Vin, flickering candlelight illuminates portrait-covered, thick-stone walls, giving a sense of romance to this solid neighbourhood joint. Being the second Old Montreal outpost from Roberto Barroco, Jeremie Falissard, and executive chef Benjamin Léonard (the threesome behind Barroco, situated just next door), Bocata hits familiar regional notes with its Spanish style menu.

As a starter, the Pata Negra Iberico wins top honours; it is a deliciously simple plate of delicate ham placed on garlic coated toast that has been moistened with the juices from a fresh tomato...and it is divine. Follow with duck and arugula salad (which is nutty, rich and organic), the half lobster and buckwheat (served with the most amazing anise flavoured gnocchi and truffle oil), and the bourguignon braised flatiron (perfectly cooked...), and you have the perfect winter dinner for two! Enjoy.


Bocata Bar a Vin  |   310 Rue Saint Paul Ouest   |   Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3   |   (514) 507-8727   |


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