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Le Gros Jambon Diner

photo: Riccardo Cellere

Given its short existence of only three weeks, news about Le Gros Jambon has picked up with dizzying speed. But when you go, its not hard to imagine why; as this small, charming little resto takes you back to a vintage era when diners - and the greasy, comfort food they provided - were at their height.

If you're expecting run-of-the-mill diner food, don't be fooled by the vintage frigidaire; Le Gros Jambon has been brought to us by the owners of L'Orignal, who, by reputation alone, know good food. The first time I went, I tried their Pumpkin pancakes, which felt both seasonal and rich, coming served with bubbling bacon caramel for a sweet finish. Meanwhile, my boyfriend took on the seasoned eggs benedict, coated with an herbed hollandaise sauce and finished with a biscuit of coursely grated parmesan to give it added dimension. 

photo: Riccardo CellereThis weekend, I tried their fat french toast, which featured a festive eggnog batter and a large dollop of rich apple cinnamon sauce, with slices of pomegranate seeds, mango and home-made granola on the side. And of course, I was delighted when my breakfast partner (who wasn't too pleased when I cut his sleep in time by half by forcing him out of bed) was impressed to find crunchy fried chicken and waffles on the menu, the most perfect salt-filled guilty pleasure to sink your teeth into after a long night out.


Le Gros Jambon Diner   |   286 Notre Dame West (between St. Pierre and St. Alexis)   |   Montreal, QC   |   H2Y 2N7   |  

(514) 508-3872

Website under construction 

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Photos I + III from the very talented Riccardo Cellere, whose website you can visit here: Montreal photographer Riccardo Cellere.





McKiernan is the baby (in age and size) of the Liverpool-Joe Beef family, opened for lunch Tuesday through Friday and serving up a decadent, tasty brunch on Saturday. For brunch, I like their Scone with Creme and Salade de fruits ($10) or their Challa Pain Dore, Bacon and Eggs ($14), with a Mimosa ($9). However, if bite-after-bite you want a mouthful of basically every savoury breakfast ingredient known to man-kind, (think bacon, eggs, sausage, cheese, artery-clogging...) try their Johnny Cakes ($11) or Breakfast sandwich ($13). They are decidedly brilliant.

 Johnny Cakes at McKiernan.

This 12 seat luncheonette is small and always bustling, so make sure to go early to wait (before your hunger strikes) as they don't take reservations...



2485 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest   |   Montreal, QC   |    H3J 1N6   |

(514) 759-6677


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