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Maison Publique

After two delicious Sunday morning visits to Plateau's new gastropub Maison Publique, I've been singing culinary praise to Derek Dammann, the Montreal chef (of DNA fame...) behind this brilliant little gem of a restaurant. Hyped up because of its (purely business, he is an investor) affiliation with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the restaurant could not be more discreet; tucked away on the cozy residential corner of Marquette and Gilford, it is recognizable only by the minimal signage on the door and its chronically bustling interior.

My recommendation is to start with the huitre au four (above), a bubbling rich concoction of cheese, cream, chives and oysters that is perfect to share and not to miss. If you have a sweet tooth, plump up with the pancakes and bacon; both components of this dish are made exquisitely thick and come served with sweet cream, syrup, and a sprinkling of spicy chili, which give a surprisingly interesting dimension. 

If a savoury breakfast is more your thing, try the MP Muffin, an amazing breakfast sandwich consisting of maple coated English muffin overflowing with melted cheese and fried egg on a spicy sausage patty, or the poached eggs and mushroom toast, which my favourite brunch partner has ordered twice now and absolutely adores. Paired with their bon matin cocktail, a refreshing, cider-based drink that comes served in cheeky bear glasses, you'll have an amazing start to a lazy winter Sunday.

At Maison Publique, brunch is open from 10:30 to 2 pm, but be sure to get here early as the crowds arrive around 11 and don't settle until the early afternoon. In addition, there are no reservations and seating is first come first serve, which makes strategizing your arrival time a must; when we arrived around 11 am, we scooped up the last two seats at the bar before a sizable queue (out the door and around the corner!) began. Good luck!


Maison Publique   |   4720 Rue Marquette   |   MontrealQC H2J3Y6   |   (514) 507-0555   |


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