Hof Kelsten Montreal

Jeffrey Finkelstein knows good bread. With a roster of big-named, internationally acclaimed restaurants (El Bulli, French Laundry, Noma... to name a few) on his list of former work establishments, its no wonder why this young chef has made significant headway into the hearts (and bread-baskets) of Montreal's favourite restaurants. Chasse et Peche, Lemeac, Joe Beef, and Nora Gray are just a few of the places that appear to rely on this talented purveyor's crisp-when-broken, moist-when-chewed product to singlehandedly bridge the meals of loyal clients through the night... (read more)



The other night my girlfriends and I ventured out to Mme Lee, the revamped former Jello Bar whose dramatically transformative - and much welcome - 21st century face-lift has, of late, attracted quite the crowd. "Its sort of cosmic-industrial..." we concluded, with the design now featuring angular, weighty structural accents and futuristic filament lighting that seemed to reference Yayoi Kusama's mirrored infinity rooms and a stereotypical subway station all at once. (read more...)


Le Vin Papillon Montreal

A venerable addition to Little Burgundy’s carefully cultivated strip of big culinary players comes by way of David McMillan and Fred Morin, the celebrated chefs behind Joe Beef and Liverpool House who have been hailed by Montreal food critics and restaurant-goers for years. Le Vin Papillon, their new restaurant and winebar that opened a few months back (and just so happens to share its walls with one of my favourite local cafes, Lili + Oli) scores them a well-deserved hat trick for combining great atmosphere, food, and wine into one carefree, relaxed evening. (read more...)


SuWu Neighborhood Bar 

At SuWu, which swung open its doors in early 2013, you'll find a smattering of high-topped hipsters and winsome waitresses (straight out of the pages of Nylon magazine) amid recycled barn wood walls, dangling flora, and filament lighting. The vibe is casual and fun, with the owners having perfected the supremely challenging science of making this local, neighbourhood bar feel both right on trend and as though its been a staple on the Main for years. (read more...)


Stockmarkt Montreal

On the corner of Notre Dame Ouest and Charlevoix last Monday, I found myself in what some could call a bit of a conundrum. Post hot yoga and feeling spiritually cleansed (with insensible water losses to match), I was about to get into my car when I found myself staring at the colorfully appointed store windows of the new boutique, STOCKMARKT, across the street. Curiosity peaked, I was overcome by a sudden sense of guilt; wasn’t I, just a few minutes prior, happily Om-ing my way to a state of material riddance? “But look at that branding…” I debated to myself, as I peeked over the car hood. “So nice, kind of Scandinavian…” I couldn’t help myself; with temptation mounting, I quickly scanned my surroundings for any ultra-zen yogis who’d surely disapprove (none…Phew!) and scurried across the street and into the store at rapid speed. (read more...)